A) Regarding Updates of Anthology

Q1) I want to know Publishing Date / Delivery Date of Anthology Book ??

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Q2) I have submitted my writing but did not get any update that my writing has selected or not ??

Ans) It takes up to 25 days,
if its more than 25 days and you have not received any response please contact us on whatsapp - 9660804742

Q3) I want to change my delivery address ??

Ans) Our Team will verify your address when delivery will be started, so you can update at that time.

Q4) My writing has not been selected, Can I submit another writing ? and Should I pay again ??

Ans) Yes, You can submit another writing. No need to pay Entry Fee again.

Q5) I have paid the Fee but due to some reasons I was not able to submit Agreement, what should I do ??

Ans) You can publish your writing in our Next Anthology, No need to Pay Fee again.

Q6) I want to Publish more than 1 writing, How much fee should I pay ?

Ans) You have to pay Fee for each writing, but you will get discount of 175/- in submission fee from 2nd writing.

If your query is not listed here:

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